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Monday, May 7, 2012

Another twelve hours have passed since I made and posted the last video (2012-05-06).
I tried to walk on my heels and lift the box of pennies this morning.

I CANNOT! Wow. No video this time--I look just like the 2012-05-05 video.

The is a perfect example of how Myasthenia Gravis effects my body. Although there is no cure for MG, when it is relatively calm, I have much more use of my body. When my MG is flaring up--which is almost all the time--my body just stops working.

What is happening? The bad antibodies my body is producing are blocking the neuro-muscular junction. In plain Southern English: where the nerves join with the muscles is messed up and ain't working right!

It is literally the same effect as being hit with a curare dart, or bitten by a cobra, or having botulism poisoning. To one degree or another, my muscles just stop working correctly.

God is still Good!

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